Where Beauty Sleeps ~ The Silent Eye Annual Workshop 2020


It is a familiar story. Both gifted and cursed at birth, a princess grows within the safety of a castle. Reaching adulthood, she is cast into sleep in the most inaccessible tower, surrounded by walls of stone and a hedge of thorns… waiting for the brave prince to cut his way through the briars and awaken her with the kiss of true love…

There is a lot more to fairytales than the wide eyed child understands, but we seldom question them as we grow up and tell them to our own children. We are so very familiar with them that they simply ‘are’.

Take the Sleeping Beauty story, for example, but in place of the princess, think of that essential Self we call the soul.

We are born into a magical world, where our childhood is peopled with fairies and wonders. We are given gifts and talents, yet we must grow within our bodies, like the princess in the castle… this is the place we inhabit and come to know as home. As we reach adulthood, the magic fades, or more precisely, our awareness of it fades, clouded by the small doings of everyday, by logic and necessity. Like the princess, something within us falls asleep; we are lost to the song of the soul as the ‘curse’ takes hold… waiting….


Around us the thick, thorny wall of ego grows and separates us from the world, holding us prisoner within its bounds. It may bear roses, it may bear fruit… it may sustain a whole ecology of other lives… yet the thorns are there making any passage through them, from the inside or from afar, fraught with difficulty and pain.

The princess’ sleep continues until the prince becomes aware of her and braves the thorns, cutting his way through the briars. Her plight touches his heart and calls to him and in turn he searches until he finds her. It is a quest of love. He has only rumours to guide him, yet he is called to the task.

There is a turning within that calls us too at odd moments, like the whispered rumour of a sleeping princess heard by the hearthfire. We sleep, yet there is something that pulls us, knowing we can wake. Our dreams reach out across our inner landscape and call the kiss of awakening to us… in turn the hero within each of us journeys through the maze of thorns in search of the truth that lies sleeping.

We cannot see what waits beyond the thorns; there may be dragons and ogres… there may be nothing more than a fairytale… or beauty may lie sleeping there in truth. But it is Love that calls us to the quest. We are both Prince and Princess in our own stories and through the reaching out from within, may find that something reaches out to us in equal measure, waiting to awaken us with the kiss of Love. Then, like the phoenix, we can be reborn from our own ashes…

But that is another story…

“What dreams may come…”

From the Big Bad Wolf to Pinocchio, from Ogres and Giants, to the Pied Piper and the Wicked Witch… Have you ever wondered what happens when Beauty sleeps?

Join us for a weekend in heart of Derbyshire to find out…

Awaken the beauty that sleeps within.

What lies beneath the surface of familiar childhood tales? How do these old stories relate to our own lives? What can we learn from the archetypes and recurring themes? What can they teach us about ourselves?

Our workshops are open to all. Using techniques both ancient and modern, we explore the spiritual journey through symbolic stories, meditations and fully scripted ritual drama. No prior experience is needed, just come along and enjoy the weekend!

The weekend runs from the evening of 17th April 2020, to the afternoon of Sunday 19th. Fully catered accommodation is included in the workshop price of £240 – £265. An electronic copy of the workbook for the weekend will be supplied prior to the event, with paper copies available to purchase if preferred.

To read what it is like to attend your first workshop with the Silent Eye, click HERE.

Bookings are now being taken for the Silent Eye’s Annual Workshop 2020.

Click below to
Download a Booking Form – pdf

For further details or to reserve your place: rivingtide@gmail.com

Where Beauty Sleeps

Great Hucklow, Derbyshire

17-19 April, 2020

14 thoughts on “Where Beauty Sleeps ~ The Silent Eye Annual Workshop 2020

  1. I have a favorite Hans Christianson story called “The Little Match Girl.” Like the beauty that sleeps, this little girl is out in the cold in London on Christmas eve. It is dark and everyone is surrounding her and yet totally unaware of her. She is trying to sell some matches, the only thing she has of value. But still figures move and seemingly dance away from her, intent on only their own lives and needs. So cold, and surrounded by the dark, she lights a single candle, and for that brief moment, she is surrounded by warmth in a scene of joy and darkness joining with other children from outside to celebrate their Christmas. But her candle goes out and she is back in the cold and darkness. After awhile of the moving about of people all going their own ways and totally unaware of hers, she is so cold that she lights another candle, and once again she is surrounded by a magical world she has never known. This time the candle seems to burn brighter, but it soon goes out once again. This scene continues several times, and then in a moment of inspiration, she strikes all the matches. At once, she is transported into another world with other children enjoying good food, warmth, and all the things that go with being loved and cherished as a human being. The magic is so wonderful that she is taken by it and for that brief moment in life, she realizes that life can be what she chooses to make of it. The next morning when Christmas dawns, people going through the streets find a lifeless body, but the story ends with hope, for a light in our world can carry us to love and acceptance and magic. This is a sort of rebirth we can all experience, not just for a moment, but for the remainder of our lives. As a young child, somehow my grandmother knew something magic that would serve to reawaken me to being loved and cherished and treasured in this life. I have never forgotten that story, and it remains my favorite to this day. Many times over the years when life was cold and unforgiving, I dreamed the story, and my heart and mind became warm and loved. Magic within our hearts and souls IS possible, and I am living proof of that. This study and all the possibilities of life and love for all of us has been the best thing I have ever given myself. I hope that you too will come to the event and find the light that is waiting for you. Peace and blessings, Anne P.S. This is not a commercial. It is my true experience for my own life and for that of others in my life. Thank you kindly.

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