Forthcoming events with The Silent Eye…

Full Circle?  – Finding the way home…
Penrith, Cumbria
Friday 7th – Sunday 9th December, 2018



Home. It is an evocative word. The images it conjures are different for each of us, yet few other words touch heart and mind in quite the same way. Birth and death, laughter and love, longing, fear and aspiration… the cycle of human life plays out within its walls.

For many, there is another ‘home’ beyond the physical confines of this world. That too may seem different for each of us and the path to its threshold is shaped by dreams. Few places illustrate this as clearly as Castlerigg, an ancient stone circle ringed by mountains and one of the most spectacular sites in the country.


The people who have walked this world before us have left traces of their lives and belief, written in stone upon the landscape. From church to stone circle, castle to cavern, finding the way home has always been intimately linked with the land. Join us in a winter landscape to explore these hidden pathways of mind and heart.

Workshop costs £50 per person. Meals and accomodation in Penrith are not included and should be booked separately by all attendees. Lunch and dinner are usually shared meals, but attendees are welcome to use mealtimes to explore.

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For further details or to reserve your place:

Lord of the Deep
26th-28th April, 2019

Great Hucklow, Derbyshire

The Silent Eye’s Spring workshop for 2019


Uruk…  a walled city and the pinnacle of civilisation, ruled by the divine king, Gilgamesh. The king is a tyrant and full of his own self-importance. All must bow before him and yield to his every whim. In desperation, the people of Uruk rebel against the increasingly despotic demands of their ruler, begging the Gods to help them in their plight.

The Gods hear their plea and send Gilgamesh a dream which foretells the arrival of a Wild-Man, Enkidu, who will be the king’s equal.

What can Gilgamesh do to preserve his power…?




More ancient than the pyramids… the Oldest written story known to man, the Epic of Gilgamesh was born of the tales that emerged after the death of the legendary king.

The Sumerian religion was based upon ‘star worship’ and their Divinities were drawn from the closest planetary beings to earth.

What spiritual treasures lie hidden in this, five thousand-year old, Epic?
What can this ancient civilisation teach us about the questions of existence?

And how is an ancient tale relevant to our life today?

Join us on this quest of a life-time, next April, to find out…

‘Gilgamesh is among the greatest things that can ever happen to a person.’
– Rainer Maria Rilke.

Fully catered weekend package, including room, meals and workshop: £235 – £260

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Updated Gilgamesh booking form

For further details or to reserve your place:

The Silent Eye hosts a number of events each year, from our annual Weekend Workshop in Derbyshire to our informal ‘Living land’ and ‘Walk and Talk’ gatherings. All events are open to non-members and Companions of the School and they are a great way to meet us, explore the teachings we share and spend time with fellow travellers.

The weekends are informal, no previous knowledge or experience is required. We ask only that you bring your own presence and thoughts to the moment.

On this page you will find our forthcoming events, while ‘Previous Events’ allows you to explore some of the workshops, weekends and talks the School has organised.

Please note, occasionally the locations visited during a Walk and Talk or Living Land weekend may differ from those advertised, subject to weather or unforseen circumstances.

17 thoughts on “Forthcoming events with The Silent Eye…

  1. I am so looking forward to join you all, (as are my two friends) for the Full Circle, –Finding the way home…
    Penrith, Cumbria
    Friday 7th – Sunday 9th December, 2018. It will be wonderful to meet you all and learn from and with you .

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