Glimpses Beyond…


‘A wonder of a land,

the land of which I speak.

We behold but are not often beheld.’


Perfected art can accentuate things,

and make them more attractive to the eye and mind,

but it cannot enhance the innate spirituality which men of all ages have held.


There seems never to have been a time

when tribe, race or nation did not hold

some sort of belief in an unseen world

inhabited by unseen beings.


Everything which can be said to exist is natural,

yet the Holy-Man who experiences the spiritual condition of ecstasy

cannot adequately explain it to the man who has not known it.


If the Ancients possessed an arcane language

to encompass such psychical experiences,

it still remains a secret.


But the natural aspects of the countryside impress Man

and awaken in him the Subliminal Self

which in turn inculcates an ability

to first feel, and then know,

otherwise subtle influences.


What is there in cities to awaken Man’s intuitive powers,

which is comparable to the magical solitudes of Nature’s environs?


Whenever a multitude of men and women are herded together

one finds an unhealthy psychical atmosphere,

never to be found in the countryside,

which tends to inhibit the Subliminal Self

in its attempts to manifest itself in consciousness.


Instead of Nature,

men and women living in cities

have civilisation and culture.


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