Infinity and beyond…


It is snowing again as I write. Have you ever watched a snowstorm and wondered just how many snowflakes were falling? Or how many had ever fallen? A million snowflakes, apparently, will only cover a patch two feet square by ten inches deep. A quarter of the land mass of the planet gets snow every year and how many winters have come and gone since the first snowflake fell? The mind boggles at the sheer impossibility of the number.

Yet, if one could ignore space and time and be everywhere and every-when at once it would, theoretically at least, be possible to count them. Even taking all future snowfalls for the projected lifetime of our planet into consideration, it would be a finite number. There was, once upon a time, a very first snowflake to fall. There will be a last. There would come a point where there were no more snowflakes to count.

Mind boggling as the concept is, the magnitude of that number is probably as close to the idea of infinity as our normal human thoughts can grasp. Yet it is so far short of an infinite number! Scientists calculate that there could be as many as four and a half billion planets similar to earth in the Milky Way galaxy. Each one of those with its own possibility of snowflakes.  And it is thought that there are hundreds of billions of other galaxies in the universe. Yet are we sure that there is only one universe? Quantum physicists don’t seem to think so…

Suddenly our infinity of snowflakes seems a little puny compared to the possibilities that exist in this wider reality we but dimly perceive.

We in the UK may consider we get a lot of snow. On the whole, it isn’t a vast amount. A couple of inches can be considered ‘a lot’ in southern counties. The north gets more as a rule. We do have the occasional bad winter, and higher ground is harder hit. But I’ve been to places in Europe where snow meant that roads were cut through it with fifteen foot banks of the stuff on either side. Yet a friend in Malta, not so very far away, has never seen a snowfall.

It is all relative.

We think in terms of personal experience, taking into account, perhaps, what we know from the experience of others. While we are aware of these other realities… such as snowless countries or the ones that get twenty times the volume we do… we behave almost as though we don’t truly believe it. We look out of the window and see a foot of snow as either a wonderland or the end of the world… depending on whether we are going out to play or have to brave the roads. We react to what is in front of our eyes, not what the other possibilities may be. Our survival mechanisms are designed that way perhaps, taking in and processing what needs to be dealt with in the waking world of the moment.

Yet we are also designed in such a way that we can at least conceive of those greater realities. Curiosity, imagination, thoughts, hopes and dreams… through these we touch a different reality every day that has its own inner life for us. These hidden realms may occasionally be populated by apparent impossibilities and within them we may be able to transcend the limitations of physics and experience. We may question the accuracy of the reflected world within this sphere, but we do not doubt the reality of mind and imagination. Through it we access concepts and abstractions that surpass the limiting bounds of physical existence. We create and innovate and can comprehend the mind-boggling at a level and in ways we cannot in ‘real life’.

We cannot count every snowflake ever to fall, but imagination gives us an inner feeling for the infinite. It is so far outside the bounds of direct experience that we may never truly understand it. Maybe we do not need to. But we are able to get a personal picture that represents it for us, whether we look at the ocean from the point of view of a single drop, or see ourselves a pinprick in the vast sea of interstellar space. The mind allows us to form an image, a representation that allows us to ‘know’ at a very intimate level. After all, we live within the matrix of infinity and are intimately woven with it.

For many the idea of the infinite is inextricably linked with that of divinity. Here too imagination allows us to form a personal image with its attendant emotions, regardless of the tradition in which we were raised or the path we have chosen. The image we have will be unique, like a snowflake,  whether we have chosen to view it with faith, belief or dismissal. Divinity is as impossible to grasp in Its entirety as the idea of the infinite within the mind of the everyday world. Maybe we do not need to. If we accept Its existence in any form, then here too we live within It.

A single snowflake is made by hundreds of individual ice crystals coming together and there are so many different ways in which they can arrange themselves that it is said that no two are alike. Statistically who knows whether or not it is true? From the billions that have fallen or are yet to fall we have examined, perhaps, a few thousand. It doesn’t really matter. Their delicate beauty is transient and can be destroyed by a breath, transformed back into the element from which it came, not lost, but returning to earth to begin the cycle again.

I wonder sometimes if our thoughts and dreams are not the same, fragile and ephemeral as they are, easily damaged or dissolved by the wrong touch. Perhaps they are not lost altogether but return to their component parts, waiting for us to bring them together again in a design more beautiful than the last.

Yes, I know I have a weirdly wired mind, my sons tell me so frequently….

28 thoughts on “Infinity and beyond…

  1. I think you have a very interesting and intelligent mind, Sue. I always understand your thought pattern completely. Sometimes when I comment that you and I have written something along similar lines, it is not the basic content, like a window, it is the interpretation and way of looking at the topic that I am really meaning.

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  2. There is nothing weird about your mind 🤔you are independent, individual, special.. okay weird or wired differently. Aren’t we all my husband says he despares of the way I think and approach problems. Anyway all this talk of snowflakes and infinity has warned out !!💜💜


  3. Beautiful post, Sue. I love your train of thought, from snowflakes to stars and the Milky Way to dreams. Grand in infinity and delicate in the moment. When you think about this stuff, it grows quickly in your mind and your fingers can’t type the thoughts fast enough. Not weird at all.


    1. My fingers can seldom keep up with the odd thoughts that arise… I’m not always sure the brain can keep up with the mind either… but there is a joy and a beauty in exploring impossibilities 🙂 .

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  4. It is indeed fascinating to think of trying to count or calculate the number of flakes, similar to the number of grains of sand on a beach. It’s quite humbling really at the thought of a number so vast, yet still it wouldn’t be enough.
    Our beach here has been rearranged, and sand has been blown over gardens, onto paths and into roads. We are told this is not unusual for the area, but when they say that sand has to be brought in from elsewhere, it really makes you think!


  5. Our sky is nearly white today and it’s cold outside. Probably snow on the way, but hopefully NOT tonight. I have a doctor I really need to see tomorrow and rescheduling would be an issue. This time of year. weather is always problematic. I have never wondered how many snowflakes fall, though I have often pondered how a limited number of oak trees could drop a virtually unlimited number of leaves and whether or not there is enough strength remaining to me to clear them away — again — knowing they will be back soon enough.

    For me, I think the circularity of death and rebirth is infinity. The winter is too cold, but spring comes. Summer follows and then, everything grows old and — and winter is back. But I believe in spring. Spring will come. It’s a promise. Unless THIS time, it won’t.


    1. This weekend, some local roads were closed, buried under three feet of snow.A fifty mile round trip took me four hours driving… Today there is no snow, except where the drifts have yet to melt, and the daffodils are in flower. 🙂


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