The Feathered Seer – Planting seeds of Light

Our world faces a time of uncertainty. Fear, and a violence of word and body, are spreading like a canker across the face of nations. Adding our voice and the force of our will to the battles that rage and seethe does little but add to the confusion. Finding peace within ourselves as individuals and living with kindness and compassion seems the only way in which to answer the need of our human family.

We, who gathered in Derbyshire from places far apart, are too few to change the fate of nations, but we can and do change the world with every choice that we make. All growth starts from a single point, but we are not alone. There are many across the globe working in the both the outer and inner realms towards that peace and healing.

In an echo of an earlier ritual at one of the stone circles on the moors, we chose to work with gemstones this weekend. Through meditation and visualisation, we added our intent to the web of light that is being woven by many, all across the world, in a spirit of peace and healing. To symbolise our intent, we used tiny gemstones… natural crystals… as seeds. They, like each of us, are small and insignificant… all different, each unique. They hold no magical power to change the world save that with which our dedication imbues them.

Symbols are powerful things and may wordlessly touch something that goes beyond words. Focusing our intent upon these stones and ritually planting them at sacred sites around the world as an act of magical intent in which we ask you to join with us.

We ask that you choose three small stones…any three stones.. and see them as a symbol and as seeds of hope; fragments of the earth that carry your focused intent. Hold them in your hands… give them your blessing. Imbue them with your hopes and prayers for peace and healing. Nurture those prayers with love. Hold in your hearts and souls the consciousness of Divine Perfection, calling forth, from yourself and the universe, whatever image of divinity you hold dear.

Carry the stones with you and, when the time and place feels right, plant them in the earth as you would a seed. It does not matter where, only that it is, for you, somewhere special. Imagine as you do so that you see the seeds spreading their roots deep into the earth, joining with the spreading roots of other such seeds and forming a network of Light. Imagine the first shoots piercing the surface, seeking the sun, itself a symbol of a greater Light. And watch them flower, feeling them blossom also within your heart.

The stones that remain after the weekend will be sent across the world to other Companions and friends who may wish to join with us in this simple rite. We ask you to add your seeds to ours.

Spirituality should not remain within the precincts of the Temple, but must be carried out into the wider life of the earth. From such small acts of magical intent can healing grow.

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