Where the stones whisper…


heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 038

“They say the stones sleep. That they are old and forgotten… voiceless.

Is it so, little sister? Are they silent…or do they dream, the long, slow dreaming of aeons.

They were old when they were brought here. Older than memory. Older than time.

Their song never sleeps… it is we who live too fast.

I too am old…older than your dreams. Older than death.

Yet you hear me whisper on the wind…

My words reach your heart as you walk the circle.

Sit with me. Feel the sun-warmed stone at your back… and listen…”


Join us for a weekend amid the stone circles and ancient places in September.

Circles Beyond Time: Seeking the Seer

Meeting at the Fox House Inn between 4 and 5pm, we will drive to the top of nearby Higger Tor, where, from the stone strewn summit, we will watch as the sun sets in the west and begin a journey in imagination that will carry us back in time before returning to the Fox House for dinner.

Saturday morning will begin with an early walk to a mysterious and baffling site that rises from the surrounding hillsides like a ship in sail. There we will share the wonder of dawn over the valley.

After breakfast, a short drive will take us to an enigmatic standing stone and an ancient settlement with strange and magical figures carved into the stones.

Lunch at a local pub will be followed by an afternoon exploring a vast and intriguing landscape, dotted with traces of the ancient past and crowned with stone circles.

We will gather for dinner once more at a nearby inn.

On Sunday morning, a drive through the Derbyshire landscape will take us via the Monsal valley to Arbor Low, the great stone circle known as the Stonehenge of the North.

We will use a variety of meditative techniques and exercises, including dowsing, at each of these sites to explore the spiritual legacy of the builders of these monuments and the traces they have left upon our landscape and imagination.

If you are arriving by public transport, there will be plenty of room in our cars to get from site to site. We would suggest bringing suitable clothing for walking and changeable weather; although the distances involved are not great, we will be walking uneven paths across the hills and moors. The weekend will formally close with lunch at a local pub. For those wishing to extend their time in a landscape so rich in both beauty and history there is plenty to see, from the magnificence of Chatsworth to the serenity of the small village churches, stone circles and historic towns…

heather 2015 derbyshire, higger tor, beeley circle, edensor, bak 045

When: Weekend of 9th to 11th September 2016.

Where: Based at the Fox House inn near Hathersage, Derbyshire, England.

Who: An informal weekend with the Silent Eye, open to all who wish to attend.

Cost: £50 per person, accommodation and meals are not included and should be booked separately.

Why: Explore an ancient and sacred landscape and how it is still relevant to each of us today.

How: Email us at rivingtide@gmail.com to reserve your place or download a pdf booking form here.

19 thoughts on “Where the stones whisper…

  1. Well… that was so beautiful, it made my heart ache. I’d love to see all the stone circles at sunset and dawn, but I just can’t that weekend, for reasons I can’t say just yet. I’m sure it will be a magical weekend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It is, Bun. I walked a fair bit of it this weekend in preparation for the workshop weekend…and it is beautiful, completely soaked in ancient history…and the heather is beginning to show colour too 🙂 Heaven!

      Liked by 2 people

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