Irony Age dwelling…?

Images and Text from the Silent Eye Workshop: Whispers in the West…


HM15 1064 Why?


HM15 1066Why, would anyone…


HM15 1071In their right mind…


HM15 1076Choose…


HM15 1073To dwell…


HM15 1070Here?


32 thoughts on “Irony Age dwelling…?

    1. I might consider telling you were it is if you’d consider running a workshop to Glen Lyon for us?… But seriously, this coming Saturday’s post will give the location, so you’ll just have to be patient…

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    1. She did…
      Incredibly, it’s ‘just’ land and sea with maybe a bit of height thrown in, oh and the sun and sky and clouds… and the (hidden) moon because the moon moves the tides… Ha!
      How we hide our ignorance in designations.
      Imagine being a creator of Worlds…
      If someone or something gave you ‘land’ and ‘sea’ to work with you’d be hard pressed to come up with anything better… I reckon.

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