Starless night…

Lady Grene

…your neck was saved by a Lady’s garter! Why, Gawain, you really are too much I believe little more than half of all that you have told me and I suspect, as you know only too well, that what is left of the tale is little more than pure fabrication…

Foliate Gawain (un-hitching Lady Grene’s arm and suddenly becoming serious)

No…My Lady…No you’re right, of course, that’s not how it was at all… there was a forest…. enchanted it was… and deep, deep within it… there was a white cloaked figure… and there was a riddle too…which was set in return for a life… ‘twas a riddle which none could solve…and then a dark, veiled figure…appeared… and she solved the riddle in return for…

During this exchange Arthur, Guinevere and Lord Grene have fanned out in the Enneagram space, Lord Grene is near the nine point, Arthur is near the six point and Guinevere is near the three point.


…In return for what Gawain?

Foliate Gawain

…In return for my hand, My Lady.

King Arthur

This dark figure, Gawain, who demanded you hand, what was she like?

Foliate Gawain

Black she was… black as a starless night, and empty too… and cold… cold as an infinite… unfillable… void…

The Veiled One rises and starts to make her way to the edge of the Enneagram.

Lord Grene

Why, it sounds like nothing in heaven and earth, Gawain, are you certain that this was no fear induced nightmare?

The Veiled One has made her way silently to the Enneagram.

She now stands in the Gateway between points four and five.

Lord and Lady Grene retreat and are seated on the nine point, Arthur does likewise and is seated at the six point and Guinevere takes her seat on the three point.

Foliate Gawain

Why, of course I am certain… (realising something is afoot he turns to the gateway and sees The Veiled One standing there in her Black Veil.)

The Veiled One

Why, even a starless night is not black, my love, but only a very dark… blue!

The Veiled One removes the Black Veil and replaces it with a White one.

Foliate Gawain sinks to his knees and bows.

Foliate Gawain

My Lady!

-Leaf and Flame: Heaven in Earth

HM15 307

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