The House that Fish Built IV…

Stuart France

HM15 092

…Said Very-White, “it is but a drop before a shower:

 I see another chariot coming over the plain.”

“Describe it,” said Sweet-Mouthed Maeve.

Said Very-White, “I see the

horses pulling the chariot:

two fiery, spirited bays of

great strength and power;

wide of hoof, with

sweat spittled chests

and curbed jaws;

high mettled their

broad foreheads

their manes curled;

swift and smooth,

they run a tumultuous course

of wild and dashing pace.


A chariot of fine wood,

its wicker-work new and freshly spruced,

having two wheels of bronze;

its pole bright with gold mountings.


In the chariot a man

much freckled,

his hair long and curly:

his tresses triple-hued;

brown at root

red in mass with

tips corn yellow.


About his body

        a crimson tunic

striped gold.


A shield alongside

yellow bossed

edged in bronze.


From his wrist shoots

a shining broad sword.


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