The House that Fish Built…

Stuart France

Chat 024

… No smoke from the roof-rounds

of Albion without tribute to them…

A tribute on the Quern.

A tribute on the Kneading Trough.

A tribute on the Baking Flags…

An ounce of gold for every nose

North, South, East or West

of the Wondrous Head.


King Grim-Gaze, the slug-man, was planning a great feast at Red-Hill-Hall.

…Said Grey-Sway to Father Fish, “Wake up, wake up! You must undertake a work of construction: a mead house for my father’s banquet is required; it is to be completed a year from this day.”

So Father Fish set about his work, and one morning Little Nipper came to him and said, “soon you will finish your labour, you must not seek payment until the cattle of Albion are brought before you, when this is done you must choose from among them all only the white, black-maned cow.”

Father Fish did as bidden…

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