An informal weekend…


People wonder what happens at a weekend workshop… ‘it all seems a bit weird’ … or words to that effect. Four times a year, the Silent Eye runs a weekend workshop to mark the changing seasons.These weekends are documented as a record. Here is a chance to have a glimpse at what we do.

The April weekend, held in Derbyshire, is a residential workshop of ritual drama… five ‘acts’ of fully scripted story to explore ancient mysteries and how they relate to the mind of modern Man. For 2016 friends and companions will be gathering from across the world to share in the fun of Leaf and Flame, where we will play out the story of Gawain and the Green Knight and look at some of the the ideas raised by the symbol of the Green Man.

The other three workshops are wholly informal and you might be forgiven for thinking we simply go out to play in the landscape like children, exploring and seeking adventures… for that is pretty much what we do. We choose a location that is both beautiful and full of history… somewhere to share the ideas and questions and the inspiration that they bring. There is a point to these weekends… they allow those who attend to leave the cares of the humdrum world behind and, with that change of focus, to heighten their awareness and understanding of the world around them and their place of being within it. By engaging mind, body and the emotional response to the land and its history, we are able to ‘open up’ and see the world in a new light.

Perhaps you would like to come along for a weekend?

Future events are listed on our events page. Our next gathering will be in April in Great Hucklow, Derbyshire. All events are open to all… you do not need to be a member of the Silent Eye, nor will you be expected to join!

Click the links to read a diary of our most recent weekend…. Harvest of Being: Rooted in the Land:-

A flaming sky

Walking with ghosts

Heber’s Ghyll

Triumph and disappointment

Dawn celebration

Ancient marks


Off piste

Walking in circles

Within the Circle

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