The Song of Seven Veils…

Ilkwknd 265

…From Heart to Head a Lay…

My First is sinuous, scaly and smooth
It is found in lake but not in love,
what is below is like that above…

My Sixth lies at sea and in
the depths of the night, it is hard
to engender this spark of light.

My Second twinkles on high and
stands proud in the earth, this double
entendre is light strewn when birthed

My Fifth is a man-child
forgotten by time, adrift on
a lotus… the flowering kind.

My Third is fire-bright and
flies like a flash, it is feathery
too, forever rising from ash…

My Fourth is hawk borne
and can teach us to fly it is
also known as the Silent Eye

…From Head to Heart, a Way…

In Loving Light

The Riddle of the Initiate

7 thoughts on “The Song of Seven Veils…

  1. Okay, well this has me thinking. Rather like the vision I had the other night at the end of my Amarex meditation. Then again, I shouldn’t be surprised…Thorns and veils. The golden Christ Light. The path of the enneagram.. okay, just doing some free-thinking here 😉


    1. Me too! Although it is far easier setting them than solving them. This particular rhyme heads up Sue and I’s first collaborative book together, ‘The Initiate…’ and there are clues to the riddles throughout the book in the relevant chapters…


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