LEAF AND FLAME : An Introduction to the Dynamics II

As a school The Silent Eye subscribes to the triadic energy system taught by Gurdjieff and adopted by most proponents of the Fourth Way.

This system recognises three distinct centres of consciousness in the human entity.

To wit: the intellectual or Mind Centre, the emotional or Heart Centre and the instinctual or Movement Centre.

The key word here is distinct.

In undeveloped humanity which is where we all start these three centres operate entirely independently of each other and are oftimes actually in conflict.

It is also common to have one of these centres more developed than the others and to operate on a daily basis more readily through the most developed centre. This is natural.

We are all aware of ‘hard headed business men or women’ (Intellectual Centre) and people who ‘wear their hearts on their sleeves’ (Emotional Centre). Most sportsmen and women earn their living through a strongly developed Movement Centre.

Whilst these examples are to a large extent stereotypical, the centres reach much deeper than this.

When Carl Gustav Jung started analysing peoples dreams he found that some people preferred to relate the stories of their dreams verbally, others preferred to write them down whilst others found it easier to draw them. Still others felt most comfortable acting or dancing them out!

These centres then are intrinsic to our being and how we express ourselves and if they are not working together in unison we are by definition unbalanced and hence less than we could be.
It is tempting to depict this triadic energy system thus:

3Figure 3

By now you should probably be able to see where this is going.
But one of the reasons why we initially shrunk from depicting the figures vertically is that whilst it is tempting to ascribe symbolic positions for these centres in actuality they don’t live ‘anywhere’ other than in consciousness which is a ‘nowhere’.
By which we mean to say a now here.

More accurately, the energy system then can be depicted like this:

2Figure 4

Where 1 or 3 can be either the Heart or Intellectual Centre and 2 is the Movement centre.

Like the Celtic Cosmological model of Figure 2, Sphere 2 is traditionally formed of three components for the Movement Centre also includes the instinct which is really just useful or necessary and hence ‘remembered movement’ and also the generative function of sex which is both an instinct and the source of movement.

It can also be seen from this depiction that the Movement Centre holds the key to the reconciliation of the Heart and Intellectual Centres. The harmonious operation of two or more centres inevitably results in a corresponding rise in consciousness. This is just one of the reasons why we utilise movement in our dramatic rituals.

We hope that this brief introduction has indicated why we feel at least justified in adopting the Gurdjeffian system for our exploration of the Celtic Mythos.

We are confident that by the end of the weekend this decision will have been more than vindicated. Why not come along and find out if it is?

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