River of the Sun – in flood

river of the sun SE15 027

Okay… I cried.

Possibly more than once over the weekend… it was a few days filled with laughter, learning and the kind of beauty that transcends any words we might try and use to capture its essence. How, after all, can you describe the fragrance of a rose?

And yet, it was not the only moment of joy. Nor was it the only time when emotions too poignant to be contained fell as tears. For a time out of time a group of friends…faces familiar or those attending for the first time… came together to Work.

The word may imply that we faced an onerous task, and with four of the group unable to attend due to ill health, it could have been so… but instead we shared an intense and moving experience, where people… friends and strangers alike… came together in love and laughter, stepping in to fill the gaps… sharing stories, music and knowledge, thoughts, chocolate and ideas… and generally having fun whilst riding the tide of shifting emotion as the weekend unfolded towards a very special moment.

But at least, this time, the Egyptian make-up was waterproof and a very kind member of Ramases’ Royal Guard passed me a handkerchief. Last time I had witnessed such an event, it had been the sleeves of my nice, white robe…

Of course, last time I had only been an observer; witness to an event of such beauty it will live in my memory for a very long time. This time it was me who was supposed to serenely deliver the carefully crafted speech… but that simply went right out of the window as the emotion of the moment flooded the room and I hugged the woman standing in front of me, sobbing and laughing, with, “I knew I wouldn’t get through this….”

No-one seemed to mind. It was, I think, an expression of something we were all feeling… though it did seem to set one or two of the others off as well… But then, what else can you do when there is a room full of people radiating joy and love as they celebrate an Initiation?

This was, without doubt, the most joyous moment of a wonderful weekend. This, after all, is why we… the Silent Eye… do what we do; to enable the Seeker to open the inner doors that lead towards the light of understanding and onwards… and there is such beauty in seeing that light shine from a pair of eyes illuminated by the heart, mind and soul. Sometimes even tears of joy are not enough…

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