Nine Deadly Sins with Coffee – Part Three

Alexandra had texted me to say that she was already at the coffee shop, if I was around . . . the message also said, “Anything that purports to be a Truth Machine is worthy of a little prep.”

Despite this, when I arrived it was just after 08:30, the car park machine having eaten my first lot of change without giving me back a ticket. It was one of life’s little happenings; the sort that could trigger useless anger – something I very much wanted us to talk about, given the stressful life that I knew Alexandra led.

I arrived to find her sitting at our usual table. Spread out before her was a new serviette, a blank CD, a small ruler and a pen. She had reconstructed our previous drawing with more accuracy than the totally freehand approach allowed, yet was still being true to our principle of the hand’s touch being important.

She fixed me with an amused stare. “Better?” she asked me, with a glint in her eye.

“That’s really quite professional looking . . .”

She passed me my coffee. I sipped it while she filled in the numbers ‘1’ and ‘2’; dividing the arc from ‘9’ to ‘3’ into three equal segments.

“Homework finished!” she said, truthfully. “Now why doesn’t ‘lying’ feature in the list of sins you gave me?”

It was a very acute observation, and no less than I expected. “So is ‘lying’ the only one missing?” I chuckled.

“I looked up a modern list,” she said with a smile, pleased to be one step ahead of me. “It was given as: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy and gluttony – no lying!”

“Not even in it’s more generic description – ‘deceit?'” I asked, innocently.

I watched her mentally scanning the list. “Nope,” she said, with a reassured grin. “No deceit in there!”

“Well that’s funny,” I added. “Because the one it points backwards to, in the signpost sense, isn’t in the list either . . .”

I watched her sinking. But then she grabbed the pen, again, and drew an arrow with a ‘B’ attached to it on the line from ‘3’ to ‘6’. “It’s a signpost, right?” she said. “So it goes backward, hence my ‘B’ . . . She carried on with the strategy, adding another signpost between ‘6’ and ‘9’. “So, presumably, it carries on pointing backwards–”

“But then there’s the ‘9’, she said, accusingly. “About which you have refused to tell me anything!”

“The wounded ‘9’?” I added, alluding to her initial stabbing of that point on the circle’s crown – an action that would have interesting consequences about how we explored the inner and very sacred message of the symbol . . .

“The wounded ‘9’ . . . about which I know very little, then . . .” I watched her absorb this new information, before she continued with, “But the ‘6’ you owe me . . .”

“I do, indeed.”

“So, tell me, when the ‘3’ signpost points back at ‘6’ as its origin, what is it pointing at?”

“It’s pointing at that which produced it – it’s pointing at Fear.”

“The nature of point ‘6’ is fear?” she asked, leaning forward. “Lying–deceit, then, is produced by fear?”

I sipped some more coffee before answering her hawk-like swoop on my answer.

“Yes . . .”

“Just ‘yes’?”

“No, much more . . .”

This time, and with immaculate restraint, she waited. Looking at my watch, I calculated how much it would be fair to say. Very little, I decided, but it would be good.

“Deceit is running away from Fear,” I said, tapping my watch. “And Fear is running away from something much more potent . . .”

“More potent than fear?” she asked in a whisper.

“Much more – and it’s one of the seven, and not hidden at all . . . unlike its two children . . .”

She looked at my watch and let her breath out in a subvocal hiss.

“Quite . . .” I said finishing my coffee.  I stood up, picked up the watch, blew her a kiss and left. I had no reason to leave before she did, it just felt appropriate . . .

I knew that, behind me in the coffee shop, the silence would be deafening.


Nine Deady Sins with Coffee is usually published on Thursdays.

All images and text ©International copyright, The Silent Eye School of Consciousness, 2015.

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