Organised chaos?

Astral Eyes (Large)
Artwork produced by the Companions who attended the first annual workshop. Photograph by Matt Baldwin-Ives

I long since gave up filing things I am working on in nice neat folders. These days, if it needs attention it is on the desktop screen of the PC. Every so often it gets to a point when there is no longer anywhere free to put stuff, even when any finished lurkers have been relegated to lower levels of accessibility. Such is the state of play at present as we move into the final few weeks before the April workshop.

I will not be alone in this. Three of us are in this together. Normal service, whatever that might be, will not resume until after the event. Meanwhile, three desk chairs, three minds, and possibly half a dozen screens of various sizes will be occupied in three widely separated parts of the country. This is pretty much a time where the phrase ‘bums on seats’ takes on a whole new meaning.

There is the last minute rush to complete the physical things we require. Anything to do with sewing falls my way for some reason… I warned them I ‘sew with burnt thread’, but as the males of the species connected with this do not, for some strange reason, seem to own sewing machines, I will shortly be spending a proportion of my days wondering when the eyes of needles began to be made quite so small and what on earth was I doing in needlework classes all those years ago. I certainly wasn’t learning the art of dressmaking.


Even so, we know that, one way or another, we will… eventually…be duly and decorously robed for the ritual drama set in ancient Egypt. Just as we know that all the scripts will be written and meticulously readied so that even those attending for the first time will know precisely what to do and thus feel comfortable. Each part of the story builds an image; part of the journey of the soul of everyman, and what is crafted within their pages will sew unique seeds for all who attend.

Why this final rush when we have had a year to prepare, you may ask? We do! Well, there are a number of reasons for that. First, the script has to be written beginning with a story into which the inner workings of the weekend workshop can be built over five rituals… and for an unknown number of attendees who must each have the opportunity to play an equal part. So we are working blind in many ways until bookings are confirmed and numbers change right up to the last minute! We work with a nine pointed symbol, which also has to be built into the workings, not as a symbol alone, but with each of its points explored showing how these are part of the human psyche and how they affect the spiritual journey. Except that the nine points are also eighteen… and twenty seven… and ten. So the rituals come first, but they don’t come early.

Knowledge Lecture

This year, Steve is again writing the core of the weekend. Stuart and I must wait until that is well underway before we can craft our rituals, ensuring that they fit within the frame we are working with. Costumes for the principles and props for the group can only follow after that. Meanwhile there are the knowledge sessions to consider, where we explore aspects of the underlying principles behind the story. All this goes on while two of us still work and all of us have other commitments as well as the writing and the running of the School and the individual journey with our students.

Why do we do it? It certainly isn’t for the money! We don’t get paid for any of this, the School operates on a strictly not-for-profit basis and costs are kept to a minimum. Doing it this way means we can put on weekends like this at a fraction of the cost of comparable events and so be accessible to those who cannot afford the expense usually associated with spiritual retreats and residential workshops.

No, it goes deeper than that.

We do it because we share a common vision, a passion for bringing a small spark of light to an area that has been shrouded in secrecy, cloaked in occult shadows and mystery for too long. We do it because the spiritual journey is one we are all undertaking, whether we consciously choose to do so or not. We do it from passion; bringing the spiritual life into the everyday world because that is where we all must live and work and where we all must be… and if we can do so in the Light, then we can see our way home.

light 007

Join us for a magical weekend in the Derbyshire Dales. A full brochure, including details of the event, prices and booking form are available on The Silent Eye website.

A printable version of the brochure can be downloaded here:

Brochure, price list and Booking Form for River of the Sun 2015


7 thoughts on “Organised chaos?

  1. I love organized chaos but I don’t think I could have it in any other way.

    I really loved this analogy, “Each part of the story builds an image; part of the journey of the soul of everyman, and what is crafted within their pages will sew unique seeds for all who attend.”


    1. There is a theory that says the most creative people live in that state of organised chaos. I am clinging to that, even though I have also heard the opposite said 🙂
      Thank you. We feel with the Silent Eye that this is good approach in our workshops.


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