The Spaces Between…

One Companion’s account of the hillside ritual, A Dream of the Soul, from the Silent Eye’s ‘Land of the Exiles’ workshop in April 2014. Sadly this account missed the deadline for the Land of the Exiles workbook by Steve Tanham which gives a full account of the weekend.

Shamanic Paths

backUnbelievably, it’s been all of six months. The most unexpected and hectic six months possible. Hopefully, with some luck and a good tail wind, things will settle into a reasonable sense of normality, now that we are falling into the darkness of winter.

It all started with a weekend away, in April. As part of the event, an early morning ritual would prove to be my unending…

Anubis Anubis

When they say “Wait in your room in silence. Your guide will come with instructions”, the last thing you expect, when the knock finally comes and you open the door, is to find yourself face to face with a representation of one of your ACTUAL guides, impossibly tall and completely filling the doorway. Imposing and regal, Anubis handed me written instructions, bowed, and left before my befuddled brain had time to come to terms with it all.

Shortly thereafter, a bedraggled bunch…

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